Plant Milk Are The Best

Photo by Austin Wilcox on Unsplash

But according to who…?

Milk or anything is simply an arrangement of atoms, chemicals, reactions and how it ends up. For example, diamonds are created by fossil fuels over thousands of years. But you can make them in the laboratory too.

Now, when you compare both diamonds — they are the same in arrangement, have the same property and thus both are equal.

So if you can make milk from plants with some chemicals to have the same property, composition and taste as animal milk. Then both are equal.

But most don’t aim for that. Most go for their unique composition — so it’s milk with little difference.

The same is true for plant meats.

  1. Don’t go for plant milk because it’s healthier.
  2. Nor because it’s safe.
  3. Not because it’s superior.

For people who prefer animal milk, it’s just one more choice — goat milk, donkey milk and plant milk. Don’t stress too much. Be happy you got one more choice. And for people who can’t consume animal milk for whatever reason — be happy you got plant milk.

There is none superior or inferior, good or worst — both are not made to same in the first place.

It’s just milk — drink, relax and enjoy.

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